Muslims Must Put Up or Shut Up

Ever since 9/11, moderate Muslims have been under attack by islamophobes and xenophobes. At least, that is what the politically correct narrative has been. These Katy Perry types, who recently said the answer to the problem was open borders and coexistence, often tell us that Islam has been wrongly maligned because of the actions of a small number of extremists. They tell us that you cannot hold all Muslims accountable for the crimes of a few and that true Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and non-violence.

Whenever there is a new terrorist attack, like the latest in Manchester, England where terrorists targeted children attending a concert, we hear these calls by our political leaders and others to not blame Muslims and that terrorist extremist ideology is not true Islam. They tell us on one hand that hate speech against Islam will not be tolerated and on the other hand that we must accept that terrorist attacks have become a normal occurrence of modern life. In other words, we need to tolerate the killing and upheaval of our societies, but not tolerate questioning the religion of peace.

It is time for moderate Muslims to put up or shut up. If it is true that extremists have hijacked Islam, then true Muslims must drive extremists and their ideology out. They need to stand against Islamism, which seeks to conform all aspects of society to sharia law. They must cooperate with the police by reporting all extremist speech and extremist ideology, which is true hate speech. Their places of worship and schools can no longer be a sanctuary for these fundamental teachings and beliefs. They must integrate with the greater society and no longer seek to create communities unto themselves. In short, they must lay down their swords of Islamism and sharia. They must accept the laws and governance of the greater democratic society and not seek its replacement.

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If followers of Islam will surrender the ideas of Islamism and sharia and then drive out those that refuse to, then they can coexist with western free societies. They will receive tolerance and be accepted as members of society. If they do not, however, surrender these extremist ideas or don’t drive out those that are its adherents, then they are complicit and the greater society will have to clean it up for them.

We can no longer accept the status que of tolerance without accountability. This just leads to more terrorism, death, violence, chaos and possibly freedom’s future destruction. Security and intelligence can only go so far. We need to stop 100% of all terrorist plots to be successful whereas terrorists just have to get it right once to reach their objectives. In other words, the current order creates citizens that cower because they believe that terrorism is just a part of modern life. We cannot allow evil people with their evil ideology to coexist with us in the name of tolerance. Something has to change.

Tolerance with Accountability

We need to get to the point of tolerance with accountability. Muslims are the ones that have had their religion hijacked. They are ones that need to take the lead in cleaning it up, if indeed it’s true that extremism is not a part of true Islam.

This past Sunday, President Donald Trump gave his historic speech to many Muslim political leaders and heads of state in which he called on all moderate Muslims to “drive them out” of their places of worship, communities, their holy land and the earth. It’s not just terrorists that he was saying that needed to go, but their ideology needs driven out too. It is their ideology that is destructive. Terrorism is a tactic used by these extremists to advance their ideology where they seek to replace the current culture with fundamental Islam.

President Trump put the ball in the moderate Muslims’ court. They’ve been saying that that they are innocent bystanders to these extremists. Now, though, they are being called to not just be bystanders, but to get in the game and take back their religion. They are either truly peaceful and are with us or they are complicit and with the terrorists and with them. It’s time for them to show their true colors.  They must publicly denounce Islamism and help our law enforcement to drive it and them out.

They have been asked to change the glorifying of so-called martyrs. They need to begin teaching that these people are losers and going to hell for killing innocent life and not going to some paradise. They need to begin teaching to love and respect all people, whether they are Jewish, Christian, or whatever. Tolerance is a two way street.

If we cannot get accountability with the cooperation of moderate Muslims, then we should no longer be tolerant. If they choose extremism, then we need take matters into our own hands to rid our societies of this evil. The new order should only extend tolerance to people who are with us, not against us.

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