The push to reclaim Mosul and Raqqa is just like a successful radiation treatment, it is shrinking the Islamic State’s caliphate that was once advancing unabated across Iraq and Syria. Even though their land mass and fighters are dwindling, their sympathizers and their fundamentalist ideology has spread across the world like a cancer. 

Islamic extremists in Europe, for instance, have plans to conquer the continent with fundamental Islam to join a future caliphate. They will not, however, wield the sword; pillaging, raping and killing infidels everywhere they go, planting their black flags on every hilltop. Mind you, this is the militant fantasy of many fledgling Islamic would-be warriors, but the truth is that blood is not for everyone. The future jihadist will conquer Europe through the more civilized method of population replacement.

Islam means “submission to the will of God” and through submission, fundamentalists plan to expand their land in Europe by native capitulation, population replacement and eventually, when their numbers increase, government forced submission. 

Adherents call it the religion of peace because after one surrenders to Islam and sharia law, they claim these followers will then have peace. If anything offends them, though, like a cartoon or Western culture, fundamental Islamists seem to lose their peace, riot and demand submission.

Once the Islamic population grows and has political power, they can force Islamic laws upon all citizens. Instead of migrating to an existing caliphate, which has been the call, these fundamentalists want non-Muslims to abandon their homeland or submit so that the country that remains can be an Islamic country. 

Occupy Europe

Islamic fundamentalists who live in the West are growing ‘radical’ Islam with immigration, higher birth rates than native Europeans, radicalization of moderate Muslims, and by the relinquishment of neighborhoods by indigenous populations to create Islamic “no-go” zones. Westerners will leave their homes because of terrorism, riots, violent crime, intimidation and economic decline. 

Europe is importing fundamentalism. Islamic extremists have been migrating into Europe in large numbers for over two decades. Recent refugees from areas of war and conflict have only exacerbated this influx.

Refugees provide these Islamic jihadists with three great weapons. First, to embed terrorists within the refugee population to carry out terrorist acts to create societal unease and tension and secondly, to radicalize some Muslims who migrate to the West to carry out future terrorist attacks.

The third great weapon is to increase the population size of Muslims living in Europe. The chaos of war creates the condition that spreads these unwitting Muslims all over the world. 

Not all, but many of these refugees adhere to Islamic fundamentalism and have no plans to assimilate by embracing Western culture and freedom. They are arriving from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and are bringing their fundamental beliefs with them. This means Europe is importing hatred for Jews, Christians and all of Western civilization. They are also importing people who would support upending Europe’s culture and democratic system of government to become Islamic. 

Alongside immigration, Muslims are increasing their numbers in Europe with higher birth rates. The EU population has a fertility rate of only 1.5. This means for each woman there are only 1.5 babies being born. To maintain a population, you need a fertility rate of 2.1. 

According to the World Bank, Muslim immigrants are arriving from countries that have much higher fertility rates; Syria 3.0, Afghanistan 4.8, Iraq 4.6 and Pakistan 3.6. If immigrants maintain their birth rates, overtime their populations will increase in Europe while native European populations will decrease.

The native European population is already declining. Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, published that for the first time in recorded history, during the year of 2015, the amount of babies born (5.1 million) in the EU was less than the persons who died (5.2 million). But the total population did not decline; it went up from 508.3 million to 510.1 million because of immigration – primarily from refugees.

Imam, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, speaking in Jerusalem said regarding Europe’s fertility woes, “We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them.” The ultimate goal he envisions is to “conquer their countries.”

A large portion of European Muslims are already radical. They’re not radicalized to carry out terrorist acts, but they do support fundamental Islam. According to an extensive survey of British Muslims, Policy Exchange found that 43% supported the introduction of aspects of Sharia Law in Britain. Only 22% of British Muslims opposed introducing Sharia. 23% responded neither supported nor opposed and 12% answered not knowing.

President-elect Donald Trump correctly states that you have to identify your enemy in order to defeat your enemy and has chastised President Obama for not using the label, “radical Islamic terrorism.” But terrorism is just a tactic used by our enemy. The West needs to recognize that our enemy is Islamic fundamentalism that seeks to subvert Western civilization to replace it with Islamic laws and culture. Terrorism is just a tool that radical groups have employed toward the greater goal of conquering lands for Islam.

To be sure, there are many moderate Muslims in the West that do not want to change Europe and there are many Muslims that have fled Islamic extremism that are assimilating well. The problem for Europe is the growing Islamic fundamentalists that have embraced this new jihadi movement to conquer Europe - not by the sword, but through replacement.


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