• The Art of the War

    Political commentators all agree that Donald Trump needs to stay on message and not get bogged down whenever he is attacked. Hillary Clinton knows that the only way she can win this campaign is to get Donald and the American people sidetracked

  • The Truth of Supply Side Economics

    There are three examples in recent history of supply side economic policies and how this pro-growth macro-economic theory has jump started severe recessions and led to years of economic growth.  The proof of its effectiveness can be seen even

  • Golden Moment for Donald Trump’s Campaign

    With less than a month left until Election Day, Donald Trump needs to find a way to get his message out to voters; especially women, millennials and weak kneed Republicans. It’s been increasingly difficult for him to break through all the noise

  • A Populist Election to Win

    This still is an anti-establishment election. It was considered so in both the major party primaries with the elevation of Donald Trump and the popularity of Bernie Sanders. Trump and Sanders each represent a populist movement of people who are

  • Enthusiasm of Likely Voters

    All of the national polls are based on a group of “likely voters” which is a pollster’s best guess on who will actually turn out and vote. This is a different group than registered voters, who all may not participate to vote. 


  • Movements Win Elections

    There is a movement in America today and they are called Deplorables. Since Ronald Reagan, every movement has resulted in a win on Election Day. The polls going into the 2016 presidential election may not fully capture the Deplorables movement.

  • The Trump Effect

    Americans woke up today with an extraordinary result in our national elections, a President-elect Donald Trump and the Republicans maintaining control of both houses of Congress. Ever since the primaries, Mitt Romney and the Republican elites

  • Reform Free Trade Deals

    Renegotiating trade agreements, undoubtedly, will be one of the issues that President Trump will face fierce opposition on. But why does Donald Trump want to reform these trade deals?

    Free trade is meant to open up markets between

  • Perfect Opportunity for Growth

    Everything is ready for President-elect Trump and the Republican led Congress to take the reins of this economy. The environment for pro-growth economic policies couldn’t be any better. The Fed Fund rate (short term interest rate) is

  • Russian Hackers Invade US Election

    Moscow is at it again. They’ve infiltrated our election and duped the American people to elect their plant and almost red, the orange Donald Trump. That’s what some rabid Democrats want everyone to believe.

    The Democrats are trying to


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