• The Lopsided Supreme Court

    President Trump may be just getting started. His second Supreme Court pick to replace Anthony Kennedy will tip the balance of judicial philosophies on the court toward more conservative. It was already tipping in that direction, but not

  • It’s Right that Healthcare isn’t a Right

    The way Democrats frame an argument, if not outright deceitful, is at the very least spectacularly cunning. Instead of advocating the merits of universal healthcare and trying to win over the public, they instead just claim healthcare is a human

  • Republicans Don’t Challenge Ford

    The Republicans on the Judicial Committee continue to be intimidated by Democratic talking points like old white men can't question a woman survivor and there needs to be an FBI investigation.

    It’s the Democrats that

  • Birthright Citizenship

    President Trump may attempt to challenge the traditional view that constitutionally anyone born on U.S. soil automatically becomes a citizen. A sort of birthright based solely on territory of birthplace.

    The outrage from the left wing


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