The Art of the War

The Art of the War

Political commentators all agree that Donald Trump needs to stay on message and not get bogged down whenever he is attacked. Hillary Clinton knows that the only way she can win this campaign is to get Donald and the American people sidetracked on Trump’s side issues and off her own problems. She also doesn't want the focus of this election to come down to the vision each have for America’s future with so many people wanting a new direction. These side issue attacks by the Clinton team, however, are just flare ups and not the real battle that can lead to victory for the Trump campaign. 

Donald Trump is in a war with HRC to win the presidency. Like any war, there are many fronts that can be engaged at any one time. It’s up to the Generals and Military leaders to decide which fronts that they will engage in with time and resources in order to defeat the enemy and to achieve ultimate victory. From the book, “The Art of War” written by Sun Tzu around 1600 years ago, established the rule, “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” Donald Trump and his team need to learn this rule.

There is only one battle front where the Trumpians should have all their time and resources devoted to. From this front, they can attack the enemy and obtain ultimate victory. The attack comes in messages that focus the electorate on Hillary’s lies, corruption and cronyism.

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This election should be about her hidden server, her deletion of 33,000 emails that were under Congressional subpoena, the Clinton Foundation and past ‘pay for play’ while Hillary was secretary of state and also money that has already been donated to her foundation for future favors by the coronation of a President Hillary. Also, from this battle front should come messages about Trump’s policy positions and how they contrast with Hillary’s globalist, socialist, and political elitist positions. 

Distraction Tactics

The Trump people know the Clinton Machine’s strategy. It isn’t to discuss policy or to inspire voters to embrace Hillary’s vision for the future. But it’s to make Donald Trump out as an unelectable candidate so that the only choice is to vote against him. That’s their strategy period. Knowing that this is the Clinton Machine strategy, the Trump faction can and should win this war.

Every attack by Hillary Clinton, the pundits, the New York Times, CNN and whoever else that’s part of the Clinton War Machine, are flare ups that are meant to get the Trump team in side battles that deplete time and resources that can no longer be used in the main battle front that will allow for victory. These side battles are enticing to join because it’s only natural to want to defend Trumpville, but this is exactly what the enemy wants. The Clinton Machine wants Donald to spend his energy on these little battles distracting him from the main battle front, which exposes Hillary's Achilles' heel. The Clinton Machine knows they will win if the electorate is distracted by Trump’s side issues and not focused on Hillary’s crookedness.  

The main battle front is where the war can be won, which is a focus on Hillary. Donald Trump and his team cannot engage with these side battles, but simply distinguish them by highlighting Hillary’s corruption or liberal policy positions. For example, if a journalist asks a Trump surrogate, "will Donald Trump release his tax returns?" The answer should be, "Donald will release his tax returns when Hillary releases her 33,000 emails she is hiding from the American people that she deleted with BleachBit..." If Donald Trump can begin to quickly refocus his campaign's energy from the side battles back to the main front, Trump will triumph. Then, maybe a new book can be written about how Donald Trump won this election.

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