Stronger Together Rings Hollow

Stronger Together Rings Hollow

Hillary Clinton is trying to convince voters that the messaging from Donald Trump is based on fear and hate and that he’s trying to divide America. Branding Trump in this way, she believes, will be a winning strategy. From the DNC Convention her campaign launched the slogan, "Stronger Together,” which is an inclusive line that’s a clear contrast to what she says is a dark divisive message from Trump’s campaign, which uses the slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Her campaign is making the case that Donald Trump is divisive primarily on two fronts. First, that his strong stance on illegal immigration is offensive to Hispanic Americans and to other sympathetic citizens and secondly, his proposals to keep out terrorists by using “Extreme vetting” are offensive to Muslim Americans.

In both of these popular stances, reasonable people can see both sides of these issues that there are real concerns that need to be addressed.  For Hillary to say that Trump’s proposals are rooted in hate, is not reasonable and certainly glosses over the pressing problems that affect every American.

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The “Basket of deplorable” comment has really harpooned her main message, “Stronger Together.” According to her, not only are half of Trump’s supporters deplorable and irredeemable, but the other half are losers who believe the Government has let them down; the Economy has let them down; and that nobody cares about them.

This messaging from Clinton creates a mindset of hate from her followers, who have now been led to despise admirable Americans just for supporting Trump. Characterizing almost half the country this way is hateful and divisive and reveals that she truly doesn’t believe her own campaign slogan. Maybe she should change her slogan back to something that doesn't include the deplorables or the Bernie Sander's supporters, but just her followers such as, “I’m with her.” 

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