If No Intent, You Must Relent

The left is hyperventilating as they try to catch up with Chicken Little, Maxine Waters, by declaring that President Donald Trump should be impeached. These silly calls to impeach are made without actions of high crimes and misdemeanors, but rather fantasied biased accusations of wrongdoing. The reported drama surrounding the White House and President Trump is mostly stirred up by drama queens in Congress and the media, but not from truthful reporting and facts. Yes, Donald Trump gives them plenty of ammo with his tweets, but it isn’t justice when these spin masters set up their own execution squad and just start firing away. It is a disservice to their profession and to the American people, who really wish these dimwits would get something done this legislative year. And that is the point; this is all about the oppose trump movement.

The two stories that have many on the left gasping for air are Trump’s alleged disclosure of classified information to the Russians and Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice during a meeting with former FBI Director James Comey. The Democrats and the media are too eager to convict President Trump and have even leap frogged to their dream that Trump should be dragged out of office.

The first of these two stories is the leaked content of a meeting between President Trump and the Russians. If President Trump did give away sources and methods (which has been vehemently denied by every principle in that meeting), then the question should be, was that disclosure of that classified material made with ‘intent’? Remember, James Comey declared that intent was necessary to indict Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information in her email scandal. Surely fair minded Democrats cannot actually argue that Donald Trump intentionally gave up sources and methods.

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This is a non-story, though because the President can declassify any material at any time, which everyone in the meeting denies even happening anyway. To boot, there was no intent. Verdict: nothing to see and no crime.

The second story is still developing, but if it was Donald Trump’s ‘intent’ to coerce James Comey to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn, then it was Comey’s obligation at the time to report this interference to the Justice Department, which he didn’t do. The lack of this reporting by James Comey to the DOJ makes it clear that Donald Trump wasn’t trying to impede the FBI’s investigation and had no intention of doing so.

Absent of intent to stop an investigation, we’re left with what actually took place. Donald Trump was simply appealing to Director Comey on behalf of his friend, but left the matter totally up to Comey.

Donald Trump is the head of the executive branch and is constitutionally within his right to make such a request to James Comey, a department head within the executive branch. The request had nothing to do with an investigation regarding Trump himself, which could be a conflict and possibly investigative interference.

As far as we know, there wasn’t any order, threat or obstruction. If these elements did exist, then it would have added up to intent and it should have been reported by Comey to Justice at the time. Without intent, Comey just jotted down what took place and chose to continue his investigation into Flynn.

The ironic part of this story is this leaked paraphrased memo, presumably by Comey. Director Comey didn’t recommend charges against Hillary saying there wasn’t any evidence of intent, but he wants to now accuse President Trump of wrongdoing when his own actions after that meeting prove there was no intent by Trump. He let one go saying no intent, but wants to condemn the other, after he was fired, with no intent. James Comey appears to be a political force rather than a straight shooter.

The Trump White House can expect more memos and leaks. The spin will continue. Their best play is to be transparent, focused and be on message. Perhaps Reince Priebus needs to enact better controls within the White House and all messaging. At least someone needs to.

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