Hillary Would Fight to Stay in Office

The Clinton team are making legal calculations and designing strategies for the upcoming battle, they hope, to keep Hillary in office. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, she will fight to stay in office no matter what it does to the country. Sorry Tim Kaine, but Hillary Clinton is no Richard Nixon.

Gerald Ford, the Vice President in 1974 became the 38th President of the United States when Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency. Nixon had nearly lost all support from the public and with Congress because of the ongoing Watergate scandal. The outcry against him stemmed from revelations of Nixon’s cover up of the illegal wiretapping done at DNC headquarters located at the Watergate Hotel. 

He was sure to face impeachment by the House. And the Senate’s trial most likely would have removed him from office. Even with this outlook, though, he could have fought to stay on as President. Nixon had the option to battle his opposition with lawyers, evidence and by persuading congressional members not to vote against him. But to stay and fight, would have distracted our country and ushered the nation into a constitutional crisis. To save the American people from this nightmare, Nixon instead chose to resign from office.

The Plague

Regardless if Hillary wins or loses the presidency, all her scandals and legal troubles will be plaguing her for years to come. There are currently two different FBI probes investigating Hillary Clinton; the newly re-opened mishandling of classified information and the investigation into the Clinton Foundation with allegations of ‘pay to play.' 

It remains to be seen if the Department of Justice will allow a grand jury to be called or if an indictment will be issued. It has been reported that the DOJ wants FBI Director, James Comey and FBI investigators to stand down. But as insurmountable evidence accumulates from the 650,000 emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the mounds of WikiLeaks emails from Clinton staffers, and new testimony from witnesses, the DOJ may be forced to allow either or both cases to be built for prosecution. 

Even if the DOJ is able to officially squelch these two FBI probes, individual FBI investigators could use the Whistleblower Protection Act to inform the American public about agency misconduct and the indictable evidence gathered. This scenario would make it hard for Hillary Clinton to bring together public support to accomplish anything.

Also, the Republican controlled Congress will have their own investigations into Clinton’s scandals pursuant to their oversight responsibilities. They will also investigate whether Hillary lied under oath when she denied many of the allegations about her private email server and mishandling of classified information that Comey later refuted. Her husband, Bill Clinton, lied under oath and was impeached because of it, but ultimately he was not removed by the Senate.

If elected and marred by scandal, Hillary will not save this country from a national nightmare, but because of selfish ambition, will do what’s best for her and fight to stay in office. This means more division for our country. It also means Clinton and her staff will spend their time embroiled in Hillary’s public corruption cases instead of working for the American people.

Hillary First

We know she will put herself above the interests of the American people because that is what she has already done. Her legal problems are attributable to Mrs. Clinton’s bad judgment in setting up an unsecured private email server in her home. This illegal action placed our nation’s secrets in jeopardy and it risked American lives. The FBI believes that it is probable that her sever was hacked multiple times and all communications and documents were stolen by enemies of our country. She put our nation at risk so she could have secret email communications with the Clinton Foundation and donors that was outside the view of the American people and government officials; all for her own financial benefit.

The moderators in the first two debates steered clear of asking Hillary about her hidden email server and her mishandling of classified material, but Donald Trump ignited the second debate by prosecuting her publicly, as best he could with his limited time. Then, at the end of debate two, the last question cooled the hall down when each were asked to say something positive about the other candidate.

When asked to name one positive thing, Donald Trump answered, “I’ll say this about Hillary, she doesn’t quit; she doesn’t give up.” And also, “She's a fighter. I disagree with much of what she is fighting for. I do disagree with her judgement in many cases.”

Donald Trump called her being a fighter and someone that doesn’t quit or doesn’t give up a positive attribute. But if Donald Trump loses the election, we may see this as a very negative thing that distracts the nation from solving many problems that we face. We’re already divided as a nation and cannot afford to suffer legal proceedings and more partisan rancor just for the selfishness of Hillary Clinton.

Even if the DOJ is in the tank for Hillary Clinton, the American people have the power to hold her to account for putting our nation at risk, her lies and the cover up that followed. We can do so on Tuesday by electing Donald Trump. Then, hopefully we can drain the swamp and restore trust in our public institutions.

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