Foolish Contagion

Many people, like Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, are not supporting Donald Trump because of his tone and the word gaffs that have plagued his campaign.  If Trump had a more presidential tone and appealed to a wider electorate with his rhetoric, he would, they contend, garner their support and be doing much better in this election.

The ironic thing, and one reason why Mitt Romney hates the Donald, is Trump has blamed Romney losing the presidency in 2012 because during the last month of that campaign Trump has said, “Romney choked like a dog.” So, if Donald Trump loses the presidency to Hillary Clinton, it could be said that he also choked with all his missteps and his perceived mean-spirited tone.   

My contention, however, is that people like Senator Flake and all the Never Trumpers are the ones choking and will deserve the blame if Hillary Clinton wins in November. They will not support Trump and love to bash him, rightly or wrongly, to the media and to all who will hear, but #NeverTrump is a foolish contagion because if Trump loses, the country will get Hillary Clinton, which means more of Obama’s policies, more government control of health care and other industries, and three or four liberal Supreme Court Justices.  Forget about Judge Merrick Garland. If Hillary wins, she’ll nominate a much more liberal justice.

It is true that Trump has made many missteps that have given Romney some good come back lines when Trump accuses him of choking, but those missteps will not be the only reason that he loses, if he indeed loses.  Jeff Flake told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday, "I just know that I would like to vote for Donald Trump. It's not comfortable to not support your nominee. But given the positions he's taken, and the tone and tenor of his campaign, I simply can't."

So Flake and Never Trumpers, your stance that you simply can’t or won’t support the Republican nominee will be the reason why we’ll have another four years of a liberal wreaking havoc on this country with big government policies, liberal justices and executive orders.  What great patriots.


photo credit: AdolfoLujan_20141011193550 via photopin (license)

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