Democrats Divide America for Votes

The left was heartbroken and some could barely function because Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump. They also realized that Barack Obama’s legacy will quickly be diminished by the GOP's sweeping win. Many Democrats, including some supposed objective journalists, immediately assumed or espoused that Americans must be racist and that our country’s racial progress took a step backward. The truth is, though, that GOP voters are not racists and America and racial progress took a step forward. 

To acknowledge this truth would take away the left’s most effective talking point that keeps their supporters blind and our nation divided. They need this division for the end benefit of maintaining their voter base. To them, it’s all about keeping power to implement their radical liberal agenda.  

Like any liberal candidate, Hillary Clinton needed votes. It’s not enough to run on a liberal vision for America with policies that would increase the size and scope of government and thereby decrease liberty and opportunity. Even with our schools and colleges trying to indoctrinate our young people for decades, most Americans still value our founding principles of limited government and individual liberty. The left cannot win national elections by telling the electorate who they really are because they wouldn’t have enough support. Instead, they must drum up votes by creating divisions based on race, religion and economic class. By dividing from the whole, they create their needed votes.

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It was easy for Clinton to use this playbook because terrorism and illegal immigration were major policies of Donald Trump’s campaign. The Clinton team and the media were able to effectively mischaracterize Trump as a racist and as a xenophobe. This divided our country and gave Clinton a large voter block that allowed her to keep her liberal vision from being a focus and a consideration in this election.

Racist Label

The left and the MSM called Trump a racist since day one. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he made his points unartfully as a non-politician, without written remarks. 

Donald Trump did not call all Mexicans rapists and criminals, but said that the Mexican government was sending over the boarder many who were. Trump believed the Mexican government was doing this so they wouldn’t have to deal with them. The media should have questioned him on this fact – that would have been fair. But fairness is not their objective and they twisted his statement to say that all Mexicans were rapists and criminals.

If there were any journalists left in America, they would have asked Donald to clarify what he meant. That is what journalists are supposed to do. Did any debate moderator in the dozen primary debates or during the Presidential debates ever ask him about this remark? The reason they didn’t was because they didn’t want him to clarify it, but wanted Hillary to have her division and inflamed supporters. 

The left opposes a southern wall to keep illegals from entering our country and they oppose deporting anyone that is found in our country that is here illegally. They do, however, gleefully point out that Obama has deported more people than any other President. Did they ever say that Obama was a racist because of this? No, they don’t because that doesn’t fit their narrative.

Many celebrities and other Democrats said that if Trump won the election, then they would move to Canada. Even Canada's Immigration and Citizenship website crashed the day after the election from all these liberals trying to access it. Did Mexico’s immigration and citizenship website crash? The fact that these liberals wanted to move to Canada instead of Mexico because they believe Trump hates Mexicans is pretty ironic. Who are the real racists here?

Republicans are Inclusive

The election result reveals that voters want to protect the definition of America as a limited government system. If we can protect our ideals and advance them, we’ll be able to have a vibrant, legal immigration system with racial equality and equal opportunity for everyone. Republicans are inclusive and if the truth ever gets out there, then the Democrats will lose more bricks in their blue wall.

Trump voters insist, however, on having national borders, legal immigration and a way to keep out terrorists. We also want to protect the meaning of what an American is. By advancing these positions, our country will take a leap forward in racial equality and inclusiveness.

National borders: by definition, borders make us a country and without them, we’ll eventually lose our identity as Americans. If it were Canadians that were sneaking illegally into our country, then Republicans would want to secure our northern border as well to prevent diluting what it means to be American.

Legal immigration:  We need to vet people properly who want to become U.S. citizens or to obtain jobs as guest workers. There needs to be a process to weed out high risk individuals that may hurt our society. We also want people immigrating here that value our system of limited government, self-reliance, and liberty. Instead of being a drain on society, we want people who will contribute to it.

Terrorism:  It is hard enough to prevent terrorists who are already here from acting out; it doesn’t make any sense to allow cracks in our border protection that will allow even more in. A single terrorist or a small terrorist cell can kill many innocent Americans lives. We need policies that are effective and allow protection without being labeled as haters of Muslims. Democrats need to put American’s safety first instead of just trying to divide us in order to obtain more voters with these difficult immigration issues.

American Citizen: A U.S. citizen is not a particular race, color or creed. An American is a citizen of the United States that has God given rights that are protected by our Constitution. If you don’t share in our ideals as a free people, then you should leave or not arrive to begin with. People who want to change our system into an Islamic theocracy or into a South American socialist system are a threat to the very meaning of America.

We can make our Union more perfect without politicians dividing us all the time. Our country faces major challenges with illegal immigration, terrorist threats, moral decline, and economic stagnation. Republicans are convinced that the American people have given them a mandate to tackle these issues. 

America has a question for every elected Democratic in the federal legislature. Will you be one that divides people with rhetoric for your party’s political gain or will you be one that will try and solve these problems by putting America first?

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