Clinton Didn’t Champion Women

Hillary Clinton wants voters to believe that she cares about women and their families. She has memorized focus group tested lines and is able to spout political speech that touches our emotions. We’re made to believe that she really does understand and will enact the change necessary so our society can be more fair with equal opportunity.

An issue that’s dear to the heart of American women is ‘equal pay for equal work’. It has become a mantra of the left because they proclaim women are not being treated equally as their male counter parts in the workplace. There is some dispute on how big of an issue this really is, but everyone on all sides would agree that injustices still do exist. There really are old boys' clubs today in some organizations.

What’s so fascinating about Hillary Clinton is that she had an opportunity to create an organization on her own terms. The opportunity to do things right and as she believes. She could create an organization that matched her public speeches on important women issues.

If she really cared about women and the issues that matter most to them, then she would have taken great care in setting up the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton has been deeply involved with the foundation since its beginning and has had her closest staff work for the organization. 

Initially, the outrage came by looking over the Clinton Foundation’s financials and seeing the amount of salaries and benefits paid out. In 2014 the foundation paid almost 96 million in salaries and benefits.  

Gender Equality

What has since been noted by her critics is the pay gap between men and women. This discrepancy became an issue for the Clinton campaign only because it had become an issue at the State Department, as revealed by new WikiLeaks emails.

In 2015, Ian Mandel, an employee of the Clinton Foundation, emailed John Podesta and Bruce Lindsey, the foundation’s highest officer to voice his concerns of the existing pay gap. He wrote… 

“Guys - Given the story yesterday about pay equity at the State Department, I wanted to flag something that came out of our research on pay equity at the Foundation. There are huge discrepancies, and it wouldn't surprise me if they went here next.”

The pay gap between men and women is not the whole story though. The fact that only three out of the eleven highest paid employees are women is a also red flag. It reveals that Hillary didn’t hire or advance women to more prominent roles in her organization. There should be no quotas, but certainly there are more than enough qualified women to have an equitable representation in its executive positions.

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t care enough to advance women and ensure equal pay for equal work in her own organization, that has her namesake, then she mustn’t really care about these issues and will not champion them if she becomes president. This is another example of public words verses private action and private policy.

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