Do You Want to Create Wealth?

Many people believe wealth is unfairly distributed leaving little remaining of the wealth pie for everyone else.

But that’s not true. Wealth isn’t distributed in capitalism as in socialism.

On the contrary, anyone at any time can create their own slice. Those then who create wealth only expand the wealth pie and don’t prevent others from doing the same.

What’s lacking in our society is the knowledge of wealth creation.

In Organic Wealth you will learn:

  • How you can create wealth that never existed before.
  • How wealth creation has unlimited potential.
  • How the wealth gap is bridgeable, but not through taxes.
  • Why the progressives’ wealth tax is unconstitutional.
  • How the Framers’ intent was for all direct taxes to require apportionment whether easily applied or not.
  • How the Court made a loophole that could be utilized to still take wealth. We need the Organic Wealth Amendment.
  • How capitalism is the fairest economic system.
  • How democratic socialism is really just socialism.
  • How some Democratic leaders truly want democratic socialism even though they point to Scandinavia.
  • And much more!


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