The Truth of Supply Side Economics

There are three examples in recent history of supply side economic policies and how this pro-growth macro-economic theory has jump started severe recessions and led to years of economic growth.  The proof of its effectiveness can be seen even with all the smoke and mirrors put up by big government liberals.

Supply side economists believe that if you put the capital that already exists back into the hands of the taxpayer and decrease government regulation that it will result in greater economic activity, more business investment, and more risk taking by entrepreneurs. This will then lead to a growing economy with more tax revenue and more job opportunities with ever increasing wages.

The Art of the War

Political commentators all agree that Donald Trump needs to stay on message and not get bogged down whenever he is attacked. Hillary Clinton knows that the only way she can win this campaign is to get Donald and the American people sidetracked on Trump’s side issues and off her own problems. She also doesn't want the focus of this election to come down to the vision each have for America’s future with so many people wanting a new direction. These side issue attacks by the Clinton team, however, are just flare ups and not the real battle that can lead to victory for the Trump campaign. 

Stronger Together Rings Hollow

Hillary Clinton is trying to convince voters that the messaging from Donald Trump is based on fear and hate and that he’s trying to divide America. Branding Trump in this way, she believes, will be a winning strategy. From the DNC Convention her campaign launched the slogan, "Stronger Together,” which is an inclusive line that’s a clear contrast to what she says is a dark divisive message from Trump’s campaign, which uses the slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

The Flag Represents Our Ideals

The kneeling of Colin Kaepernick is not a type of protest that others employ to illuminate their grievances because our flag, our national anthem, our type of government and our freedoms represent what’s great about this country.

You don’t witness athletes sitting during the national anthem or turning their backs for other causes such as American jobs being outsourced due to global competition or from massive influxes of illegal immigrants. If they did protest the flag in this way, they would be labeled as xenophobic, racist and white supremacists who are filled with hate. They certainly wouldn't be viewed as brave souls standing up for displaced American families. Why is it that certain grievances are okay to protest in this fashion while others are not?

Pay to Play Allegation

The Clinton News Network (CNN) and other Clinton supporters are trying to paint Donald Trump as the real “pay for play” villain because his foundation was fined $2500 by the IRS for donating funds to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s reelection campaign. This fine, however, was not for pay for play. Trump was penalized because it was not lawful for Trump’s non-profit foundation to donate funds to a political organization. Trump paid the fine and refunded the donated $25,000 back to his foundation.

Foolish Contagion

Many people, like Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, are not supporting Donald Trump because of Donald's harsh tone and word gaffes, which have plagued his campaign.  His would be supporters believe that if Trump had a more presidential temperament, he would appeal to a wider electorate with his rhetoric and be doing much better in this election.