Movements Win Elections

There is a movement in America today and they are called Deplorables. Since Ronald Reagan, every movement has resulted in a win on Election Day. The polls going into the 2016 presidential election may not fully capture the Deplorables movement. This mobilization of Trump backers could produce a larger than forecasted voter turnout for Donald Trump and give him the victory as a result.

Religious Liberty is at Stake for Christians

Christianity has flourished in the United States since its founding.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution restrains the government from abridging the religious rights of its citizens so that people may worship as they see fit, with like-minded people, and that they may live their lives in accordance with their faith, without restriction. 

Driverless Cars Want to Take You Shopping

It’s a Saturday morning and you decide to go to the mall. Instead of jumping in to a $25,000 automobile that most of the time just sits idly in your garage, you take out your smartphone and use an app to order a ride. Within minutes you’re on your way in the comfy area of the backseat with no annoying driver making small talk. You arrive safely at your destination, curb side, all for a few bucks that were automatically charged to your account. You don’t even have to say goodbye.

When you want to be picked back up, you just order a ride again. The problem is that you need to run many errands and have many stops. All of them will require you to dial a ride.

Declaration of Independence

Limited Government Principles

In this election year, we are once again called to make a decision on what kind of country we want to have. Do we want to have a big government system that is quasi socialist or do we still value limited government and personal freedom that has been the hallmark of our republic since its founding.

Although we need to know what the candidates believe, we first need to decide what type of government philosophy we identify with. This will guide us on Election Day.  When we know what our philosophy is, we become principled in our beliefs and we’ll know exactly where we stand on nearly every issue and with every candidate.

Clinton Didn’t Champion Women

Hillary Clinton wants voters to believe that she cares about women and their families. She has memorized focus group tested lines and is able to spout political speech that touches our emotions. We’re made to believe that she really does understand a woman's plight and will enact the change necessary so our society can be more fair with equal opportunity.

An issue that’s dear to the heart of American women is ‘equal pay for equal work’. It has become a mantra of the left because they proclaim women are not being treated equally as their male counterparts in the workplace. There is some dispute on how big of an issue this really is, but everyone on all sides would agree that injustices still do exist. There really are old boys' clubs today in some organizations.

Enthusiasm of Likely Voters

All of the national polls are based on a group of “likely voters” which is a pollster’s best guess on who will actually turn out and vote. This is a different group than registered voters, who all may not participate to vote. 

To determine likely voters, pollsters ask respondents qualifying questions and then score each answer. This then results in a total score for each respondent. The higher the score the more likely that person is to turn out and vote.

A Populist Election to Win

This still is an anti-establishment election. It was considered so in both the major party primaries with the elevation of Donald Trump and the popularity of Bernie Sanders. Trump and Sanders each represent a populist movement of people who are fed up with the political class and the status quo. Even today, RealClear Politics shows 65% of the American people believe our country is heading in the wrong direction.

Hillary’s Hidden Server

Clearly, Hillary Clinton has something to hide. Whenever she comments on her hidden email server like she has in the debates, she tries to deceive the American people by referring to it as a second email account. This paints the picture, in the uninformed mind, that Hillary used a personal Yahoo! email account or something.

She did not use a personal email ‘account’ only, however, but she used a completely separate personal email ‘server’ hidden in her home’s basement in Chappaqua, New York. She used this server to send and receive emails and to store all of those email communications while she was Secretary of State. 

Golden Moment for Donald Trump’s Campaign

With less than a month left until Election Day, Donald Trump needs to find a way to get his message out to voters; especially women, millennials and weak kneed Republicans. It’s been increasingly difficult for him to break through all the noise that the mainstream media broadcasts to divert attention away from all the issues that our significant to the electorate. So it’s imperative that Donald slows this campaign down and speaks directly to the American people. He has masterfully done so throughout this election by garnering media attention that brought the spotlight on his policy positions and he’ll need to find several more opportunities before November 8th. 

The Assault Against Fundamental Christianity

President Obama delivered his final speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 20, 2016. Throughout the speech, he admonished world leaders that all countries need to conform to global tolerance, integration and to reject any form of nationalism or traditional beliefs.

Much of the speech can be seen in a positive light by freedom loving people everywhere who value peace, liberty and prosperity. The danger, though, is to elevate Obama's global goals above all else so that the ‘ends justify the means’. For example, to achieve peace and to eliminate fundamental Islamic terrorism, we shouldn’t have to reject all forms of fundamental belief systems.