Infrastructure Spending Done Right

The Democrats have already signaled that they will support a significant component of Donald Trump’s economic growth plan, infrastructure spending. The Republicans do not have the same old ideas though, but have a much more nuanced plan than what the Democrats are used to.

Whenever there is talk about stimulating the economy, the Democrats immediately begin talking about infrastructure spending. After the 2008 economic crisis, for instance, President Obama turned to government spending to stimulate the US economy with the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. 

GOP: Racial Equality and Women’s Suffrage

The Democratic Party takes great pride while pointing to their trophy case and saying, “See!” If you look a little closer, though, you’ll find that the trophies they’ve gathered have other names engraved upon them.

The Republican Party was established in 1854 for the primary purpose to end slavery. The GOP has ever since valued every life no matter their race, color, creed, gender, or if unborn in their mother’s womb. The Party has always stood for equal rights for everyone because of a fundamental belief that each person is created equal and have unalienable rights granted from our Creator. This view has not changed since 1854 and is still true today.

Why the Left Loved Castro

Cuba is a short boat ride away from the Florida Coast. It’s so close that Fidel Castro’s cigar smoke would sometimes perfume Little Havana in Miami. The Cuban exiles living in Florida were beached in the land of freedom, but they had still been affected by Fidel’s looming presence in their homeland. Fidel, a dictator, ruled Cuba for 47 years until 2006 when control was handed down to his younger brother, Raul. The Cuban dissidents rejoiced over Fidel’s recent death, while many on the left mourned his passing.

Liberals the world over are not mourning his death like a beloved personality who passed away too soon, but rather like a revered grandfather whose time had finally come. They’re reflecting on his life as a charismatic revolutionary who upended a world class civilization to create an anti-American society that had equality for its masses. A cause Progressives believe in.

Perfect Opportunity for Growth

Everything is ready for President-elect Trump and the Republican led Congress to take the reins of this economy. The environment for pro-growth economic policies couldn’t be any better. The Fed Fund rate (short term interest rate) is near zero and the inflation rate has still not reached the Fed’s target of 2%. This is a much better situation than it was in 1980.

The economy wasn’t doing well when Ronald Reagan took office in 1981. The Federal Reserve raised the Fed Fund rate to a whopping 20% (today it’s 0.25%) as they tried to curtail the high 12.5% inflation rate (today it’s 1.6%). The country was also experiencing high unemployment. Reagan’s task was to grow the economy in that volatile environment to create jobs.

The new Trump administration has an economic agenda for the US economy to create jobs as well, but in a much less volatile environment. Our economy today is like someone through a wet blanket over it.

US Should Adopt Territorial Tax Policy

To be competitive in a global marketplace we need to lower our corporate taxes. But lowering the corporate rate is just the beginning. We need to change to a territorial tax system and bring trillions of dollars back to the United States. 

The US has nearly the highest corporate tax rates in the world, only exceeded by Puerto Rico and the UAE. The top bracket is 35%. Then add state corporate taxes and it is closer to 39%. If profits are distributed to shareholders, then that profit is taxed again. In essence, shareholder distributions are profits that are taxed twice.

The United States also has a worldwide corporate tax for American companies that earn profits from international operations. Foreign profits are taxed at 35%, less any corporate tax paid to the foreign country.

Reform Free Trade Deals

Renegotiating trade agreements, undoubtedly, will be one of the issues that President Trump will face fierce opposition on. But why does Donald Trump want to reform these trade deals?

Free trade is meant to open up markets between different economies. NAFTA, for instance, allows Mexico the ability to sell their products in the United States without any tariffs attached and the US the same ability in Mexico. 

Not having tariffs is great for businesses that export because it opens new markets and increases revenues. This leads to job creation. But it’s not so great for businesses that have new foreign competitors importing cheaper goods. This leads to job losses. Overall, experts tell us that free trade is a net gain for America because it creates more jobs than it loses. 

Why the Electoral College?

Once again Progressives are talking about ridding our country of the Electoral College. They hate it because their candidate lost the election, but won the popular vote. Instead of having a candidate that appeals to citizens from across the country, the left wants states with large populations to decide who’ll become President. 

This call to change our system to ‘pure democracy’ is not surprising. Instead of winning within our checks and balances system, the left tries to subvert our institutions to forcibly get their way. We see this all the time. Today there are protests in large cities because ‘their’ candidate didn’t win. They think that the rest of America will now kowtow to their demands due to their belief in mob rule

Illegal Immigration Magnets

The US economy is expected to expand because of President Trump’s pro-growth policies. This will mean more jobs, more opportunities, and higher pay. It will also create a magnet for anyone looking for work from Mexico, Central America and South America. 

The left and the media often criticize Trump’s immigration policies. They contend that the number of illegals living in the US have stabilized so there’s no real need for a wall on our southern border or to curb illegal immigration. They say Donald Trump’s policies are just ‘dog whistles’ to gain votes from all the racists out there. His policies are not dog whistles, however, but they’ll address an almost certain future.

Democrats Divide America for Votes

The left was heartbroken and some could barely function because Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump. They also realized that Barack Obama’s legacy will quickly be diminished by the GOP's sweeping win. Many Democrats, including some supposed objective journalists, immediately assumed or espoused that Americans must be racist and that our country’s racial progress took a step backward. The truth is, though, that GOP voters are not racists and America and racial progress took a step forward. 

To acknowledge this truth would take away the left’s most effective talking point that keeps their supporters blind and our nation divided. They need this division for the end benefit of maintaining their voter base. To them, it’s all about keeping power to implement their radical liberal agenda.  

The Trump Effect

Americans woke up today with an extraordinary result in our national elections, a President-elect Donald Trump and the Republicans maintaining control of both houses of Congress. Ever since the primaries, Mitt Romney and the Republican elites have been sounding the alarm that Trump would be a drag on the ticket and the GOP would suffer a horrible defeat. According to them, Trump was unelectable.

It wasn’t supposed to be so. Donald Trump did not prepare his entire adult life for this office and has said things that would have disqualified any other candidate. He was anything but a polished politician and he did not fit into the mold of the Republican political class. He was a pure outsider.