The Nuance of 'Subject to the Jurisdiction'

I watched Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Fox Business Network talk about the jurisdiction clause in the 14th Amendment, specifically, “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.”

He made the point, as I did in my previous post, that one group of people that this applies to are foreign diplomats. He disagrees with the contention that it should apply to illegal immigrants too.

The point he made was that illegal immigrants are indeed subject to the laws of the country. If an illegal robs a bank and gets caught, he will be arrested and prosecuted. Therefore, the Judge concludes, they’re subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

Birthright Citizenship

President Trump may attempt to challenge the traditional view that constitutionally anyone born on U.S. soil automatically becomes a citizen. A sort of birthright based solely on territory of birthplace.

The outrage from the left wing media and their legal scholars who claim Donald Trump is taking a wrecking ball to the constitution are once again choosing not to be thoughtful about an issue, a.k.a. “being purveyors of fake news”. It’s their complete partisan, hair on fire, rhetoric that completely deceives and gins up the mobs in waiting.

GOP: Racial Equality and Women’s Suffrage

The Democratic Party takes great pride while pointing to their trophy case and saying, “See!” If you look a little closer, though, you’ll find that the trophies they’ve gathered have other names engraved upon them.

The Republican Party was established in 1854 for the primary purpose to end slavery. The GOP has ever since valued every life no matter their race, color, creed, gender, or if unborn in their mother’s womb. The Party has always stood for equal rights for everyone because of a fundamental belief that each person is created equal and have unalienable rights granted from our Creator. This view has not changed since 1854 and is still true today.

Illegal Immigration Magnets

The US economy is expected to expand because of President Trump’s pro-growth policies. This will mean more jobs, more opportunities, and higher pay. It will also create a magnet for anyone looking for work from Mexico, Central America and South America. 

The left and the media often criticize Trump’s immigration policies. They contend that the number of illegals living in the US have stabilized so there’s no real need for a wall on our southern border or to curb illegal immigration. They say Donald Trump’s policies are just ‘dog whistles’ to gain votes from all the racists out there. His policies are not dog whistles, however, but they’ll address an almost certain future.