The Book is Done!

It’s been a long time since this site was last updated. I’ve devoted most of my free time to writing a book, which was higher on my priority list than writing articles regarding current events.

Finally, Organic Wealth is now complete and it soon will be available on Amazon and elsewhere. Writing my first book was difficult at times, yet the effort still provided joy and a sense of accomplishing something. I plan to do it again.

But before I begin a new book, I want to spend time writing for this blog. There have been many article ideas that have popped into my head over the past year. And, with the election coming up, I know many more ideas will present themselves.

Create Your Own Slice of Pie! Buy Organic Wealth Today!

Please buy a copy when you can. I especially want to hear about the portions that really resonate with people. What’s your favorite chapter or idea? Please send me a note after you read it to share your thoughts. Additionally, any positive online reviews would be appreciated.

The image is the book cover: the front, back and spine.

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