Republicans Don’t Challenge Ford

The Republicans on the Judicial Committee continue to be intimidated by Democratic talking points like old white men can't question a woman survivor and there needs to be an FBI investigation.

It’s the Democrats that seem to set the agenda, not the Majority. Republicans are too afraid of the mainstream media to the point they’ll not fight sufficiently against the Democrat's strategy. They don’t have to play dirty like the other side, but they should at least swing back.

The Lopsided Supreme Court

President Trump may be just getting started. His second Supreme Court pick to replace Anthony Kennedy will tip the balance of judicial philosophies on the court toward more conservative. It was already tipping in that direction, but not decidedly so as Kennedy would sometimes align himself with the judicial activists on social issues.

The left and the media are in Bork mold. They are already taking up arms to character assassinate whomever the President nominates to replace Justice Kennedy. They believe the stakes are so high that they’ll take their resistance to new lows to bury President Trump’s selection.

Uninteded Prosecutions

The Democratic leadership has been calling for a special prosecutor ever since Donald Trump won the presidency.  But this call has nothing to do with a desire to learn the truth. In fact, they really do not want the truth because it may exonerate the Trump campaign and the Democrats would lose their only hope of stopping President Trump’s agenda and picking up new seats in the midterms.

Comey’s Third Door: Delay

FBI Director, James Comey, stated in public testimony on Wednesday that he had only two doors available to him just eleven days before the Presidential election when new Hillary Clinton emails surfaced on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The two choices he had were to either conceal these new emails from Congress and ultimately the American People or to reveal that new Clinton emails were found that may be important to the case.

He wanted the public to go back with him to October 27, 2016 and asked what would any reasonable person have done, reveal or conceal? He said in his testimony that in hindsight that reveal was still the correct position.

The Unhinged Party of “No”

As each election cycle passes, the Democratic Party seems to be going further and further to the left as if something from the bottomless pit were pulling them closer to the edge of the abyss, of which there would be no return. They could stop their descent at any time, however, through repentance, but like all good reprobates, they would rather give the Devil his due.

Russian Hackers Invade US Election

Moscow is at it again. They’ve infiltrated our election and duped the American people to elect their plant and almost red, the orange Donald Trump. That’s what some rabid Democrats want everyone to believe.

The Democrats are trying to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency by accusing Russia of meddling in the election. They believe Hillary Clinton was sabotaged by Russian hackers so Donald Trump would become President; Hillary would have won otherwise. There are no real facts to back up this claim, just more wild speculation from the left. 

The record does reveal, however, that key Democratic players and institutions were negligent with security, which may have jeopardized the interests of the United States. The Democrats only have themselves to blame for any security breaches and for Hillary’s loss this past November.

Democrats Divide America for Votes

The left was heartbroken and some could barely function because Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump. They also realized that Barack Obama’s legacy will quickly be diminished by the GOP's sweeping win. Many Democrats, including some supposed objective journalists, immediately assumed or espoused that Americans must be racist and that our country’s racial progress took a step backward. The truth is, though, that GOP voters are not racists and America and racial progress took a step forward. 

To acknowledge this truth would take away the left’s most effective talking point that keeps their supporters blind and our nation divided. They need this division for the end benefit of maintaining their voter base. To them, it’s all about keeping power to implement their radical liberal agenda.  

The Trump Effect

Americans woke up today with an extraordinary result in our national elections, a President-elect Donald Trump and the Republicans maintaining control of both houses of Congress. Ever since the primaries, Mitt Romney and the Republican elites have been sounding the alarm that Trump would be a drag on the ticket and the GOP would suffer a horrible defeat. According to them, Trump was unelectable.

It wasn’t supposed to be so. Donald Trump did not prepare his entire adult life for this office and has said things that would have disqualified any other candidate. He was anything but a polished politician and he did not fit into the mold of the Republican political class. He was a pure outsider.

Movements Win Elections

There is a movement in America today and they are called Deplorables. Since Ronald Reagan, every movement has resulted in a win on Election Day. The polls going into the 2016 presidential election may not fully capture the Deplorables movement. This mobilization of Trump backers could produce a larger than forecasted voter turnout for Donald Trump and give him the victory as a result.

Clinton Didn’t Champion Women

Hillary Clinton wants voters to believe that she cares about women and their families. She has memorized focus group tested lines and is able to spout political speech that touches our emotions. We’re made to believe that she really does understand a woman's plight and will enact the change necessary so our society can be more fair with equal opportunity.

An issue that’s dear to the heart of American women is ‘equal pay for equal work’. It has become a mantra of the left because they proclaim women are not being treated equally as their male counterparts in the workplace. There is some dispute on how big of an issue this really is, but everyone on all sides would agree that injustices still do exist. There really are old boys' clubs today in some organizations.