It’s Right that Healthcare isn’t a Right

The way Democrats frame an argument, if not outright deceitful, is at the very least spectacularly cunning. Instead of advocating the merits of universal healthcare and trying to win over the public, they instead just claim healthcare is a human right. If they can make the public believe it’s a right, then they win the issue without debating everything else. We can then wave goodbye to free market capitalism, private property and individual liberty.

Rights that are natural or self-evident are rights given to us by our Creator. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t grant us these rights, but protects our natural rights from the government itself.

Why the Electoral College?

Once again Progressives are talking about ridding our country of the Electoral College. They hate it because their candidate lost the election, but won the popular vote. Instead of having a candidate that appeals to citizens from across the country, the left wants states with large populations to decide who’ll become President. 

This call to change our system to ‘pure democracy’ is not surprising. Instead of winning within our checks and balances system, the left tries to subvert our institutions to forcibly get their way. We see this all the time. Today there are protests in large cities because ‘their’ candidate didn’t win. They think that the rest of America will now kowtow to their demands due to their belief in mob rule

Driverless Cars Want to Take You Shopping

It’s a Saturday morning and you decide to go to the mall. Instead of jumping in to a $25,000 automobile that most of the time just sits idly in your garage, you take out your smartphone and use an app to order a ride. Within minutes you’re on your way in the comfy area of the backseat with no annoying driver making small talk. You arrive safely at your destination, curb side, all for a few bucks that were automatically charged to your account. You don’t even have to say goodbye.

When you want to be picked back up, you just order a ride again. The problem is that you need to run many errands and have many stops. All of them will require you to dial a ride.

Declaration of Independence

Limited Government Principles

In this election year, we are once again called to make a decision on what kind of country we want to have. Do we want to have a big government system that is quasi socialist or do we still value limited government and personal freedom that has been the hallmark of our republic since its founding.

Although we need to know what the candidates believe, we first need to decide what type of government philosophy we identify with. This will guide us on Election Day.  When we know what our philosophy is, we become principled in our beliefs and we’ll know exactly where we stand on nearly every issue and with every candidate.

The Flag Represents Our Ideals

The kneeling of Colin Kaepernick is not a type of protest that others employ to illuminate their grievances because our flag, our national anthem, our type of government and our freedoms represent what’s great about this country.

You don’t witness athletes sitting during the national anthem or turning their backs for other causes such as American jobs being outsourced due to global competition or from massive influxes of illegal immigrants. If they did protest the flag in this way, they would be labeled as xenophobic, racist and white supremacists who are filled with hate. They certainly wouldn't be viewed as brave souls standing up for displaced American families. Why is it that certain grievances are okay to protest in this fashion while others are not?