Religious Liberty is at Stake for Christians

Christianity has flourished in the United States since its founding.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution restrains the government from abridging the religious rights of its citizens so that people may worship as they see fit, with like-minded people, and that they may live their lives in accordance with their faith, without restriction. 

The Assault Against Fundamental Christianity

President Obama delivered his final speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 20, 2016. Throughout the speech, he admonished world leaders that all countries need to conform to global tolerance, integration and to reject any form of nationalism or traditional beliefs.

Much of the speech can be seen in a positive light by freedom loving people everywhere who value peace, liberty and prosperity. The danger, though, is to elevate Obama's global goals above all else so that the ‘ends justify the means’. For example, to achieve peace and to eliminate fundamental Islamic terrorism, we shouldn’t have to reject all forms of fundamental belief systems.