Ever since 9/11, moderate Muslims have been under attack by islamophobes and xenophobes. At least, that is what the politically correct narrative has been. These Katy Perry types, who recently said the answer to the problem was open borders and coexistence, often tell us that Islam has been wrongly maligned because of the actions of a small number of extremists. They tell us that you cannot hold all Muslims accountable for the crimes of a few and that true Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and non-violence.

The left is hyperventilating as they try to catch up with Chicken Little, Maxine Waters, by declaring that President Donald Trump should be impeached. These silly calls to impeach are made without actions of high crimes and misdemeanors, but rather just fantasied biased accusations of wrongdoing. The reported drama surrounding the White House and President Trump is mostly stirred up by drama queens in Congress and the media, but not from truthful reporting and facts. Yes, Donald Trump gives them plenty of ammo with his tweets, but it isn’t justice when these spin masters set up their own execution squad and just start firing away. It is a disservice to their profession and to the American people, who really wish these dimwits would get something done this legislative year. And that is the point; this is all about the oppose trump movement.

The Democratic leadership has been calling for a special prosecutor ever since Donald Trump won the presidency.  But this call has nothing to do with a desire to learn the truth. In fact, they really do not want the truth because it may exonerate the Trump campaign and the Democrats would lose their only hope of stopping President Trump and his agenda.

At best, the Democrats could have argued for an independent commission to investigate whether there was any collusion, but certainly not a special prosecutor. A special prosecutor should only be called when crimes have been known to have been committed – to prosecute those that committed any wrongdoing. There has not been any evidence that any of Trump’s associates colluded with the Russians or there was any misdeeds by Trump associates. The Democrats only have speculation, wild accusations and overused conspiratorial hyperbole.

FBI Director, James Comey, stated in public testimony on Wednesday that he had only two doors available to him just eleven days before the Presidential election when new Hillary Clinton emails surfaced on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The two choices he had were to either conceal these new emails from Congress and ultimately the American People or to reveal that new Clinton emails were found that may be important to the case.

He wanted the public to go back with him to October 27, 2016 and asked what would any reasonable person have done, reveal or conceal? He said in his testimony that in hindsight that reveal was still the correct position.

As each election cycle passes, the Democratic Party seems to be going further and further to the left as if something from the bottomless pit were pulling them closer to the edge of the abyss, of which there would be no return. They could stop their descent at any time, however, through repentance, but like all good reprobates, they would rather give the Devil his due.

The push to reclaim Mosul and Raqqa is just like a successful radiation treatment, it is shrinking the Islamic State’s caliphate that was once advancing unabated across Iraq and Syria. Even though their land mass and fighters are dwindling, their sympathizers and their fundamentalist ideology has spread across the world like a cancer. 

Islamic extremists in Europe, for instance, have plans to conquer the continent with fundamental Islam to join a future caliphate. They will not, however, wield the sword; pillaging, raping and killing infidels everywhere they go, planting their black flags on every hilltop. Mind you, this is the militant fantasy of many fledgling Islamic would-be warriors, but the truth is that blood is not for everyone. The future jihadist will conquer Europe through the more civilized method of population replacement.

Moscow is at it again. They’ve infiltrated our election and duped the American people to elect their plant and almost red, the orange Donald Trump. That’s what some rabid Democrats want everyone to believe.

The Democrats are trying to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency by accusing Russia of meddling in the election. They believe Hillary Clinton was sabotaged by Russian hackers so Donald Trump would become President; Hillary would have won otherwise. There are no real facts to back up this claim, just more wild speculation from the left. 

The record does reveal, however, that key Democratic players and institutions were negligent with security, which may have jeopardized the interests of the United States. The Democrats only have themselves to blame for any security breaches and for Hillary’s loss this past November.

The Democrats have already signaled that they will support a significant component of Donald Trump’s economic growth plan, infrastructure spending. The Republicans do not have the same old ideas though, but have a much more nuanced plan than what the Democrats are used to.

Whenever there is talk about stimulating the economy, the Democrats immediately begin talking about infrastructure spending. After the 2008 economic crisis, for instance, President Obama turned to government spending to stimulate the US economy with the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. 

The Democratic Party takes great pride while pointing to their trophy case and saying, “See!” If you look a little closer, though, you’ll find that the trophies they’ve gathered have other names engraved upon them.

The Republican Party was established in 1854 for the primary purpose to end slavery. The GOP has ever since valued every life no matter their race, color, creed, gender, or if unborn in their mother’s womb. The Party has always stood for equal rights for everyone because of a fundamental belief that each person is created equal and have unalienable rights granted from our Creator. This view has not changed since 1854 and is still true today.

Our Founding Fathers chose to turn history on its head. They chose a system where the power was placed in the individual by granting him everything that God intended: life, liberty, private property and self-determination. Government was created to protect these rights that belonged to us naturally as gifts from God. Read Article


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